Nevada Legal Services

About Us

Nevada Legal Services, Inc. (NLS) is a non-profit organization providing free legal services to low income Nevadans. NLS is a state wide organization assisting every county in Nevada. We are funded through various sources but are primarily funded through a grant from the federal government by way of the Legal Services Corporation.

Because we are primarily grant funded, we do have income guidelines we must follow. Generally, we can only represent Nevadans with income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. We also have restrictions on the amount of assets our clients can have. With our other grant funding these income levels can change. Please feel free to contact any of our offices and we will be more than happy to do an intake to see if you qualify for our services.

Since 1981, the staff of NLS has represented clients in federal courts, state courts, and in administrative hearings. The staff negotiates on behalf of our clients where possible to try to resolve matters without the need for litigation. We have provided legal advice to countless Nevadans seeking our assistance over the years in a host of legal issues.


It is the Mission of Nevada Legal Services to strengthen the community by ensuring fairness and providing equal access to justice for low-income Nevadans.


Values are the core beliefs that shape an organization’s behaviour and culture. They are strongly and widely held in the organization. They are shared internally and externally. They drive decision-making and action. They guide the organization through the turmoil of difficult economic times, increased need for services, and shrinking resources in trying to fulfill its stated mission.
These are the values of Nevada Legal Services:
1. Clients are always treated with respect and dignity.
2. NLS will be aware of the needs of the clients. NLS will be proactive in returning calls promptly and giving advice and assistance while we have the client on the phone. NLS will not keep clients waiting excessively in the reception area and will keep clients informed of the status of their cases.
3. NLS will provide the best legal representation possible. NLS will work for solutions that not only help the individual client, but also benefit other families and the communities in which they live.
4. NLS advocates will be seen as highly professional and ethical practitioners.
5. NLS will have productive collaborations with other organizations, will network resources, and educate the community about NLS’ services.
6. NLS advocates will have the motivation and dedication to confront systemic issues, to ensure access to justice, and work to alleviate the conditions that cause or aggravate poverty.
7. NLS will ensure that the rural communities have access to NLS’ services.
8. NLS will have accountability in the use of funds entrusted to us.


NLS believes that its Mission and Values will result in a time when all Nevadans will have access to justice and all those who need an attorney to assist them will have an attorney. NLS believes that through application of its Mission and Values, NLS will be known as the pre-eminent legal services organization in Nevada. NLS will always strive to make this vision a reality.