Case List (Pro Bono Opportunities)


Please contact Edith Zarate at (775) 284-3491 x 237 or to take a Pro Bono Case in the North or Caroline Schwartz at (702) 386-0404 x 170 or to take a Pro Bono Case in the South.

  • 17-0078435

    Divorce: Client lives in Washoe County but was divorced in Clark County.  Client was advised her to file a motion to show cause regarding contempt in Clark County. OP was ordered to pay her $20K after the divorce was final and has not done so. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 16-0073707

    Divorce: Client lives in Pahrump and has filed for divorce and custody of 5 year old daughter in Nye County.  OP lives in New York and has hired an attorney out of Nye County and has filed his response and counterclaim.  OP is working, and client recently began working.  Both are seeking primary physical custody. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0079924

    Minor Guardianship: Client is seeking help obtaining legal guardianship in Nevada for his two granddaughters.  His granddaughter’s ages are 14, 12, and they both live with him, both have different fathers and both fathers are not in the picture.  The mother recently passed away.  The client was granted legal guardianship in California in 2007.  The client has been living in Vegas with his granddaughter’s couple of years now and wants to have guardianship in Vegas.  The client also wants to include his wife as a guardian in case something happened to him his wife can take care of the children. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0080109

    Name Change: Client is a minor and lives in Lincoln County.  Client was born in Utah and is seeking assistance to change her last name on her birth certificate from her father’s name to her mother’s.  Grandma has legal guardianship of client; father was never in the picture and mother is in and out of prison. (LINCOLN COUNTY)

  • 17-0080384

    Probate: Client is elderly and her husband recently passed away. Client wanted to refinance her home to a lower mortgage payment, but she was informed she will need to go through probate because both her and her husband were on the loan and there was no will. Client is seeking an attorney to assist her with the probate and then putting the home in a will or trust. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0080620

    Advanced Directives: Client is seeking assistance with drafting a new financial power of attorney.  Her daughter currently is her agent but she would like change it to her son.  Client and son live in Las Vegas and daughter lives in Florida.  Son is the agent for client’s healthcare power of attorney. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0080731

    Criminal Record Sealing: Client is a Spanish speaker and has one charge in North Las Vegas Justice Court. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0080699

    Criminal Record Sealing: Client has multiple eligible changes to seal in District Court. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0078520

    Criminal Record Sealing: Client has multiple older eligible changes to seal in District Court (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0078442

    Criminal Record Sealing: Client lives in California, but has eligible charges in District Court to seal in NV. (CLARK COUNTY)

  • 17-0078226

    Criminal Record Sealing: Client lives in Mississippi, but has eligible charges to seal in Nevada.  Client will need to obtain her CHR. (CLARK COUNTY)